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Spring Allergies Affecting You?

Featured Image Spring allergies are upon us. But did you know that the root cause of your allergy symptoms could actually be something that's right there in your home? So even if you are careful not to go outside and get exposed to spring allergens, you could be getting "home sick" as a result of allergens that are building up in your home. Chem-Dry by Kevin Jones can help!...


Chem-Dry's Green Cleaning Facts

Featured Image Did you know Chem-Dry offers green cleaning? Our cleaning solutions, The Natural®, is derived from Mother Nature and is on the FDA's G.R.A.S list. Because our solutions are heavily carbonated, we use 80% less water than other carpet cleaners so your carpets will dry in 1-2 hours, not 1-2 days. Green cleaning solutions and quick dry times leaves your home green and clean....


Best Business 2021 Award for Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning

Featured Image Chem-Dry by Kevin Jones is proud to announce we have been awarded as a best business in 2021 for Indianapolis carpet cleaning. "Three Best Rated" has chosen us as one of the best in the Indianapolis area....


The White House Took Extra Disinfecting Steps on Inauguration Day

Featured Image The White House was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on Inauguration Day. The disinfecting included things touched by the outgoing administration, including light switches & handles. You can make your home or business healthier and safer with Chem-Dry by Kevin Jones' Disinfection Service MicroPro Shield....


Tis the Season to be Clean - Tis the Season to be Green!

Featured Image A clean home and business is so important for so many reasons. Especially now, we are all striving to keep the germs, viruses and bacteria out of our living spaces. Chem-Dry by Kevin Jones has been cleaning the Indianapolis and surrounding areas for over 25+ years. We are a reputable and caring company that will clean your home and business with the best solutions in the industry and with the professionalism you deserve. We offer so many different services....


Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing

Featured Image Chem-Dry's Tile & Grout Cleaning removes 99.9% bacteria from tile, stone and VCT floors. Call Chem-Dry by Kevin Jones for a free estimate....


Disinfection with 90-Day Protection

Featured Image Chem-Dry has been sanitizing home's and businesses' soft surfaces (carpet, upholstery, rugs) for 25 years with great success. We have now just launched a new service, MicroPro Shield: disinfection with 90-day protection....


Cleaning My Own Home from a Carpet Cleaner's Perspective

Featured Image Cleaning my home and staying healthy are questions we are all thinking about these days. Crazy times we are living in with fear and uncertainties the Coronavirus has brought into our world. We thought we would share some tips on things we're doing to help prevent Covid-19 from entering our homes and keeping it as healthy as possible....