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If you’re a pet owner, you know there are two sides to having your furry companion live in your home: the constant comfort and joy they provide, and the drawback of lingering pet odors especially with high heat and humidity that we face in Indiana. The challenge with these odors is that they can be particularly stubborn and pervasive, especially if your home is carpeted. They can also leave you wishing there was a way to enjoy the presence of your pet without having to live with odors. Our carpet cleaners are here to help you deal with unpleasant smells and odors so you can make the most of being a pet owner without sacrificing your comfort at home.

Tackling Pet Odors Is a Multi-Step Process

When it comes to managing the challenging nature of pet odors, prevention, immediate action, ongoing maintenance, and support from professional carpet cleaners all play a key role. Learn more about these important steps below.

Preventing Excessive Pet Odors

While you can’t stop pet odors altogether, you can minimize their effect on your home through proper pet care. A regular grooming and bathing routine using pet-safe, odor-neutralizing products can go a long way to limiting off-putting smells. Because moisture can make these odors worse, you should always thoroughly dry your pet before giving them access to carpeted areas—whether they’ve just had a bath or are coming in from the rain.

As pet odors are so commonly linked with pet accidents, it is important to take preventative measures in this area as well. A structured house training routine is a must to avoid the lingering odors that result from accidents. This requires proper supervision, especially for younger pets, and establishing consistency by always taking them to a dedicated area to relieve themselves.

Taking Immediate Action When Accidents Do Occur

While prevention can help lower the frequency of accidents, you’re unlikely to escape the inevitability of an accident or two. As a result, it is important to be ready to take action as soon as you get wind of an accident on your home’s carpeting. The best thing you can do with limited supplies and knowledge is to grab a white cloth or paper towel, and blot at the spot. The more fresh urine you can soak up right after the accident occurs, the fewer urine crystals will be left behind when the spot dries, and the less pungent the odor will be.

Calling on Professional Carpet Cleaners for Proven Treatments

Even if you do your best to soak up pet accidents with speed, some urine and urine crystals will remain, settling in your carpet. Calling on our carpet cleaners for professional intervention will enable you to get rid of this residue and get your carpet back to looking and smelling fresh.

We use a special treatment known as our Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®) to target remaining urine crystals. Unlike many conventional carpet cleaners, we don’t try to mask pet odors. In fact, we know that such an attempt can often make these odors worse. Instead, we go to the source and address the problem at the molecular level to effectively eliminate unpleasant smells. It has been proven in a lab that Chem-Dry will remove 99% pet urine odors.

Maintaining Freshness with Regularly Scheduled Cleaning

You don’t need to wait until you suspect an accident to benefit from the odor-minimizing nature of our carpet cleaning services. In fact, getting started with routine cleaning can help keep odors from accumulating so you can enjoy a home that smells fresh on a consistent basis. Even after your pet has become well-trained, our cleaning process will remove the dirt, dust, and dander that could produce other types of unwanted odors in the absence of pet accidents.

Are you ready to enlist our help to tackle pet odors in your home? Call us at Chem-Dry by Kevin Jones at 317-489-3854 for an estimate and to schedule your carpet cleaning.