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The Greener Carpet Cleaner in Indianapolis

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Green Certified Cleaning in Indianapolis by Chem-Dry

Promoting a healthy household and a sustainable environment is at the forefront of everything we do at Chem-Dry – from our proprietary low-moisture cleaning process to our green-certified solutions. It is our goal to offer customers a cleaner, safer, and healthier option for your family when it comes to professional carpet, upholstery and area and Oriental rug cleaning.

Our core cleaner is:

  • Green-certified;
  • Ingredients are copied from Mother Nature;
  • All ingredients in The Natural are on FDA G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list;
  • Safe and non-toxic for your kids and pets;
  • Does not contain any harsh chemicals, soaps, detergents or phosphates;
  • Does not leave behind sticky residue;
  • Perfect solution for people with allergies.

If you’re looking for the safer, healthier, more environmentally choice in carpet cleaning, call Chem-Dry at (317) 273-9814.

Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis by Chem-Dry removes 98% allergens
Green and Clean

The Greener Carpet Cleaner

For more than two decades, Chem-Dry has been providing carpet and upholstery cleaning with minimal impact on the environment using our safe and non-toxic cleaning solution, The Natural®. Our process is copied from Mother Nature, so it refreshes and deep cleans your home’s carpets without harsh chemicals. Our dedication to being green does not stop there. We use one-fifth the amount of water during our cleaning process than our steam cleaning competitors. This not only reduces our impact on the environment, it ensures a healthier, greener home. Compare this to steam cleaners which require excessive amounts of water and harsh chemicals.

Natural Cleaning

The Natural® Cleaner

Only Chem-Dry Uses The Natural® Cleaner for a Deep Clean That’s Also Green. Our 100% non-toxic, natural, patented carpet cleaner, The Natural®, is one of the purest carpet cleaning solutions available and is the heart of our cleaning process. The Natural® combines the perfect balance of Mother Nature’s ingredients with carbonating bubbles that lift the dirt up out of your carpet, providing you with carpets that are cleaned thoroughly and safely. And because it contains no soaps, detergents, solvents, enzymes or other harsh chemicals, you can rest easy with Chem-Dry’s Natural solution which is safe for your kids and pets.